Research Digest

Research Digest

VC Research Digest: Introduction

Institute for Research and Innovation (IRI) is launching VC Research Digest, which would provide accessible snippets of completed student research projects, completed and ongoing research work of our staff members and highlights of most remarkable and relevant research publications in selected disciplines. The VC Research Digest is expected to provide fresh ideas for our researchers and students to expand their knowledge and practice in various disciplines, through exposure to most current research publications as well as simple guidance on carrying out high quality research.

Format of the VC Research Digest

The VC Research Digest will be published once a month as an e-Digest (pdf format) for easy circulation and access.

Each issue will include the following elements:

  • 1 Editorial article
  • At least 1 Staff research summary (to include more if available)
  • At least 2 student research summary
  • Highlights of most recent research in selected discipline areas (Research Mesh section)
  • At least 1 short article on research methods