Diploma in Multimedia Technology


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Diploma in Multimedia Technology

Diploma in Multimedia Technology

Course Fee

MVR 3,750 per month x 15 months

Awarding Body
Villa College
January / May / September
1 Year
Level 5

Programme Details


This intensive program is focused on equipping the students for the industry. This course is aimed at laying a strong foundation in Visual Communication, Advertising, Graphic Design, Photography and a specialization: 3D Animation or Visual Effects. The abundant practical training and focused approach allow students to produce a strong, specialized demo reel in the form of a mini-project at the end of the program; and graduate with the essential skills to seek employment in the industry.

After establishing a solid foundation, students will choose an area of specialization: in either 3D Animation or Visual Effects where they will learn in-depth production skills based on the actual industry pipeline and workflow.

General Entry Criteria

2 passes in A Level/HSC
(At GCE A/L, a pass is considered E and above. HSSC pass is considered C and above.) OR

Attainment of a Level 4 qualification in a related field OR

Attainment of a Level 4 Foundation Study Programme approved for the specific Diploma programme

Core Modules

  1. Technical Communication in the Workplace

  2. Introduction to Visual Communication

  3. Multimedia Advertising

  4. Graphic Design

  5. Digital Photography

  6. 3D Animation - I or Composting - I

  7. Maldivian Culture and Language in Time

  8. 3D Animation - II or Composting II

  9. Mini Project

Course Fee: MVR 3,750 per month x 15 months


Ahmed Ismail - MSc Information Technology, SCS

Hussain Naushad - MSc Information Technology, SCS

Mohamed Rizny - MSc Information Technology, SCS

Udhuma Abdul Latheef, BSc (Hons) Computer Science (UWE), SCS

Udhuma Abdul Latheef, Master of Science in Information Technology (UWE), SCS

Udhuma Abdul Latheef, Master of Science in Information Technology (UWE), SCS

What our students say

I am a Computer Science student, completing my second year at Villa College and in my programme. I am working at Dhiraagu as a Technical Support Specialist.

Pursuing a first degree at the age of 28 years is challenging, especially while working and studying full-time, which is not easy. Learning innovative ideas and finding inspiring opportunities are activities that I always look out for.

When I started the course, I never thought that we would have an unforeseen challenge in our studies, but we had a sudden change from face-to-face theory and practical classes to going classes online. At first, it was very challenging, and I faced many difficulties and obstacles.

However, we managed to adapt to and continue with online classes. However, coordinating tasks with group members from class for meetings and working sessions became a challenge, and the team dynamic of working in a group changed since we couldn’t meet in person anymore. Even in lecture-based classes, not meeting in person changed the experience. Students are normally able to ask questions during lectures, which is beneficial for other students and for the lecturer, while in online classes, they may not realize that students are missing an important concept.

This was how the COVID pandemic lockdown was for me, busy with so much new learning. Some of the interesting modules in this course like Intelligent Systems and IOT have given me a lot of additional knowledge I’ll be able to use, which will definitely help me out in my career.

In completing the whole second year of the course online, what seemed impossible has proved to be possible now. But I really look forward to the day we can begin face-to-face classes again and to continuing my physical studies at Villa College.

We thought that computer lab sessions had to be physically attended classes, but now we all know they can be done online, virtually, anytime, anywhere! And Villa College computer science lecturers have been doing their best to ensure that we continue to receive a quality education.

I must say that we all must face difficulties with courage and find a workaround when we meet an obstacle.

Ibrahim Hamooz Abdul Razzag - BSc Computer Science student

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